S. 1, Ep. 14 – Fantasy Sports Nerds

Listen to the April 2, 2014 Dude Logic Podcast, with your boys @AJsMeltdown and @CGSkeezy! The main topic for the podcast is, Why Do Men Love Fantasy Sports?, featuring Dude Logic Top 10 and AJ’s Gripes, as well as a discussion about series finales, hip-hop music and the brain, Shawt Bus Shawty, and much more!

It's a known fact that a lot of guys love fantasy sports. But why?!

It’s a known fact that lots of guys love fantasy sports. But why?!

Click the link to download:

Dude Logic Podcast 4-2-2014

00:42 Introduction

(Warning: Contains some explicit content)

18:03 The Main Topic

47:17 Dude Logic Top 10

54:15 AJ’s Gripes

55:34 Closing



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