Gripes 1-15-14


A.J. thinks PC is CRUSHING Mac.

A.J. thinks PC is CRUSHING Mac.

I am tired of you people out here who are buying Macs and saying it’s the greatest thing ever since sliced bread! First off, MACS ARE TERRIBLE! They’re not bad products…they actually work very well. But they are THREE TIMES the price that they should be! PCs are so much more “bang for your buck,” and they are so much more usable. If you buy a Mac product, you have to buy everything else Mac because it’s compatible with NOTHING BUT MAC!

I love my Samsung because I can use it on everything. If I had an iPhone, what could I use it with?NOTHING BUT MY MAC! I am so tired of everybody who has joined this “cult” that is Mac users and has sweared by everything that Steve Jobs (Rest His Soul) ever put out. If you didn’t notice, since Steve Jobs died, all innovation has left that company! Google is CRUSHING you! Samsung isCRUSHING you! You might want to go ahead and jump ship now because Mac is goingNOWHERE!

Get at me Mac-heads! Just know that I will crush you.

– A.J.

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