Gripes 2-12-14


A.J. feels like the reduced use of "please" and "thank you" is abhorrent.

A.J. feels like the reduced use of “please” and “thank you” is abhorrent.

I was just watching some people interacting this week because I’m a people-watcher. I just have to say that people ARE NOT using the “magic words” PLEASE and THANK YOU as much as they used to! Look, these words still hold power and EVERYBODY needs to be using them on a daily basis.

First and foremost, if you are at a restaurant and you are asking your server for something, YOU NEED TO USE ‘PLEASE’! These people are not your slaves. They are DOING A JOB. You can be cordial in the way that you ask someone for something.

Second, when ANYONE does something for you that makes it easier for you to smile, please say ‘THANK YOU’. For example, if I’m walking and I hold open the door for you (yes, ladies) I’m going to need you to acknowledge that I just did something nice for you. It’s not because I need thanks, but it’s because it make the world a better place. PERIOD. When people see you saying “thank you” they feel the need to do it themselves.

Lastly, if I let you over in front of me when driving–if I stop and let you turn into traffic–I need you to DO SOMETHING. Raise your hand, give a thumbs up…something to give a non-verbal indication that says, “thank you”. Something that says, “I appreciate you making my commute a little bit easier today than it was yesterday.”


THANK YOU (see, it’s not that difficult)…

Get at me!

– A.J.

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