A.J.’s Meltdown


The site of our own co-host, AJ. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, if you seek to be a healthier happier version of the amazing person you already are, then he can help you along the way.  Whether you need workouts, nutritional advice, motivation, or just someone to talk to about your journey to health, this is the right place.

E.N.D. Productions

The website for our good friend DJ Demand (@DJ_Demand) and DJ EBoogie. They play nightclubs and do mixtape hosting and special events.

National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA)

The organization of our good friend, Julian Jenkins. With a passionate message that emphasizes the importance of education, he specializes in helping families across the country.

The Opinionated Male

Check out the opinionated blog!

The blog for our good friends, Cortonio and Mr. Sobo. It is an Urban Romance, Art & Culture, Lifestyle & Entertainment blog that is sure to intrigue you!

OMG Center for Collaborative Learning

Based out of Philadelphia, the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning is creating thriving communities for all people through smarter collective decision-making. Their mission is to accelerate and deepen social impact through strategy, evaluation, and capacity-building. Our good friend Howard is a Program Manager at the OMG Center.

Anthony Arasi Mixing

The website for our friend, Anthony Arasi, audio engineer extraordinaire! Check out his talent for creating some of the most transformative and innovative music in the game today.

Also check out an interview with

Two Guys, One Show

A hilarious, informative, and thought-provoking podcast by Rich Jones and WIM. A must-listen for followers of Dude Logic!

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