Manly or Mitchly?

Description: Pick a current event or choose a submitted anecdote and have two sides argue about whether the described action is manly or mitchly.

Did You See That?

Description: Each host and special guest picks a topic of special interest and gives their opinion about it. Make sure to say “Did you see that?” before speaking, and “I know you saw that!” after speaking. Can include your personal opinions, what you would do in that situation, or just some funny perspective.

Really, Dude?

Description: Take something that you’ve seen or heard and challenge it by saying, “Really, Dude?” This phrase is the recurring phrase of the segment, and can be used in any context. We just spout off at people doing stupid stuff, people not doing what they are supposed to be doing, things that don’t make sense, or things that are just messed up.

Chick Logic

Description: We bring on a female guest prepared with her own topic of discussion. We take the overly chauvinistic male point of view and bombard her with “Dude Logic” to see how she responds. Ultimately we come off the bravado and level with her on the issues to reach a consensus.

Good Deed, Dude!

Description: This is an opportunity to highlight a Dude or Chick that has done something positive for the community or world at large.  We will give attention to people who deserve it.

What’s Your Move?

Description: We provide an outrageous fictional scenario and each host/guest has to give what they would do in that situation. More off-the-wall responses are better. In the end, we ask listeners to gauge who gave the most appropriate response and the most awesome response.

Dude Logic Musings

DescriptionThis is a segment that allows us to sit back while our guests run the show. We can talk about anything and everything in no logical order. This is a favorite segment when we have a large panel of guests.

Dudes on Call

DescriptionThis is a prank calling segment involving our alter egos, Theodorus Galapagos and Deriq Chasay. We like to get our guests in on the ruse for kicks.

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