S. 1, Ep. 7 – Approaching Relationships

Listen to the February 12, 2014 (Valentine’s Edition) Dude Logic Podcast, with our guest, Howard! The main topic for the podcast is, How do men and women approach relationships?, featuring Good Deed, Dude!, and AJ’s Gripes, as well as a discussion about the Super Bowl travesty!

Do men and women fall in love the same way?

Do men and women initially approach relationships in the same way?

Click the link to download:

Dude Logic Podcast 2-12-2014

1:02 Introduction

(Warning: Contains some explicit content)

11:59 The Main Topic

1:01:31 Good Deed, Dude!

1:07:51 AJ’s Gripes

1:09:36 Closing

Link for the webinar mentioned by Howard in the closing:


This is the first of 2 webinars. This one took place on 11/31/2013 and the second is coming up soon! Stay tuned for more details.

Dude Logic. A forum for the people to spread positive thinking. Good Deed, Dude!


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